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We are always looking to have our show translated to new languages! We currently have friends translating our show to Chinese and Russian, we want as many languages as possible! Send us an email letting us know if you want to help. We'll give you free stuff, you get to show off your own work to others, as well as letting people know what the technology scene in the US is really about.

We will take audio translations in any format you can provide, however we would prefer a WAV or MP3 sent electronically. Here is a run-down of some things to help you get a good recording:

1) If possible, borrow a good mic to record with. However, if all you have is a $1 computer mic that's fine too - don't worry about it.

2) Find a quite place to record. Turn off the central AC, heat, ceiling fans, ect. for your recording session. Turn off all other computers or other equipment with fans (Obviously not your computer you are recording on or playing the episode with). Close or lock the door to keep annoyances at bay (Animals, siblings, parents, ect.)

3) If possible listen to the episode with headphones, this way you don't get feedback in your recording. We will mix your track into the shows audio once we receive it.

4) Do an audio check before beginning, make sure your recording isn't being clipped (Pops and clicks at loud parts of your speech). A good microphone can be a foot or more from your face and get a good recording. If you have to hold it 1 inch from your face to get anything, we would recommend you attempt to get another mic. If that's not possible, don't worry about it.

5) Start recording audio at the same moment you start to play the episode. Don't skip ahead in the show, just record blank audio for parts that don't need translation. It makes it much easier for us to mix your track over our show audio if your recording starts and ends in time with the episode.

6) We request that you send us an image file (Bitmap, JPG, ect.) that contains text in your native language saying something to the effect of "Translation provided by: <your name>". We can possibly use a Word or PDF document, but an image file guarantee's that there are no problems with our systems displaying your language properly when we edit into the translated show.

7) It doesn't have to be perfect, don't worry if you miss a few words here and there.

8) If you have any questions about what is being said in parts of the show, please ask us, we'll be more than happy to assist you.

We look forward to hearing your work!


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