: Panasonic Data Partner JT-785 :

I acquired this at the 2005 Dayton Hamvention. It is a Panasonic data collection computer, the JT785. It runs DOS 3.22 and has just under 1kb of internal flash memory for file storage. The screen is backlit and is touch sensitive. Although it only has a number pad on it, the touch screen inputs letters and other characters. In the center picture you can see my map I created so I can use the touch screen keyboard reliably.


It has the following ports on the edges of it:
Side: Serial
Side: Barcode
Side: Charge (5.8v, center negative)
Bottom: Communication

There's also an expansion port on the backside that pops open and allows you to plug in some type of card into it. It appears to be a proprietary expansion port. I would assume that this becomes the B: drive when you plug something into it.

The top of the unit has a cover that can be removed by screws to reveal another small high-density D-shell connector. The bottom has a second connector of some type that is not labeled and doesn't appear to use a physical wire to communicate through. It has some weird transistors that face out-wards and are insulated. Perhaps they are optoisolators.

It boots up to DOS on the A: drive but there are no files on the "drive". I don't know where it gets it's boot info from other than some inaccessible flash memory on the system.

I can't find any information about this device. Anywhere. Nothing. Here is a text file with a few news group postings relative to it, but nothing too informative. I've found similar units for sale elsewhere but no information about this particular device. I talked to one guy on Ebay that was selling a JT760 that he claims was used as a POS to make orders at a McDonalds wirelessly, that's the only hint of info I could dig up. If you know anything I would greatly appreciate some info. I have managed to find a service manual for sale online but I'm hesitant to buy it just yet. I paid $10 for this, something about paying $35 for the manuals doesn't sit right with me ;-).

I have complete pictures of the insides along with the ROM version it uses. I took special care to get good pictures of the screen printing on the PCB around the connectors for pinouts. If anyone is interested these please contact me. contact[@]packetsniffers.org



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