: Local Events :

This is a listing of events and gatherings for geeks and other technically inclined folks in Bloomington and surrounding areas. Know about something that should be here? Let us know about it! contact[@]packetsniffers.org

Monthly events in semi-alphabetical order:

AGI Computer Fairs (Monthly shows in Indianapolis and surrounding areas) Be sure to print off the $1 entrance coupon from their website

Market Pro Computer Shows (Occasionally they have shows in Indy)

BLUG - Bloomington Linux Users Group (Monthly meetings at Monroe Co. Library)

LUC Society - We're a group of merry techno-scallywags who brave the deep blue seas of technology in Louisville, KY. We're somewhat open to slacker types, rascals, nerds, and other non-elitest types with half a whit! Arrgh!

IN2600 - Indy 2600 site
Evansville 2600 Meetup

Indiana Convention Center (RCA Dome) - Lots of events and once in a while they have a computer fair or technology trade show.

Indiana State Fair Grounds - Check the event schedule for year-round happenings. Market Pro and Blue Star computer shows are usually held here as well as arcade cabinet auctions and other things a geek might be interested in.

Computer Show Notes

AGI Computer Fairs are my personal favorite, but mostly because there is a lot of good used junk to be found at any given show. Mostly local venders attend with an occasional 1 timer just offloading piles of odd-ball hardware you've never seen before. Also plenty of good deals on new kit from regular venders.

Market Pro shows in Indy are usually very large with lots of deals to be had on new kit. Large also means they attract many out of state venders. Good prices, but as always watch the return policies and what state you could potentially be sending defective kit back to if you need an exchange.

My advice is to be wary of Blue Star's shows. High admission price and a high noise-to-signal ratio. Lots of non-computer junk and lack-luster turn outs by computer vendors. But if you are looking for something to kill time on and don't mind $8 or higher at the door it's something to do. I've only been to two of these with near exact results at both. For kicks search the pile of used/destroyed government/military laptops for units that still contain pcmcia harddrives :).

Annual events

Notacon - A technology/hacker convention held in Cleveland Ohio. It is similar to, yet different from the old Rubicon convention held in Detroit of years past. It is usually held the 2nd weekend of April.

StarBase Indy Star Trek Convention



Indy Hamfest - Annual Indianapolis hamfest

Hamvention - Annual hamfest in Dayton Ohio, worlds largest hamfest. See episode 2.

Indiana Hamfest Listing and the Hamfest Database
The Indy Ft. Wayne hamfests are reportedly the larger ones with more going on.


Rural areas and good flea markets to check out

Bargersville flea market - Usually barren of activity in the colder months, there are usually a few venders selling various pieces of electronic junk, computer equipment, and tons of vintage gaming hardware/carts.

Gnaw Bone flea markets - Just East of Nashville Indiana by a mile or 3 off highway 46, there are several flea markets bustling with various electronics and vintage gaming hardware.


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